Glownet digitalizes events across the world

The Client

Since 2012, Glownet, has been a game changer for event organization. The UK-based company has created a seamless and secure digital experience for attendees, vendors, organizers and brands.

Their platform delivers access control, cashless payments, crew management, social media activations, loyalty programs and customer insight solutions to music festivals, food & beverages festivals, nightclubs, trade shows, sporting events and more.

The Glownet platform has helped deliver 500 events in 38 countries worldwide including Australia, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Today, Glownet has been adopted by over 2 300 000 users.


The Challenge

 Glownet applications are used by event organizers in the field to control access, process payments etc, and are linked to a backend platform for management and analytics. Event goers are given NFC wristbands that interact with the applications.

For each event, Glownet provides an end-to-end solution that includes the devices with the required applications and personalized wristbands. With this in mind, they were looking for an affordable Android device that was secure in order to process payments, with a large NFC antenna capable of efficiently reading large volumes of tags. The device needed to be robust enough to withstand the various, often outdoor, environments the events are held in, and compact in size to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Glownet also required a built-in mobile device management platform to easily deploy new versions of their software securely, at the click of a mouse.

The Solution

To facilitate the rollout of their solution and provide event organizers with a seamless experience, Glownet chose the Famoco FX100+ device that is remotely managed via the Famoco Management Platform.

The FX100+ is a pocket-sized Android device that has a large NFC antenna to make wristband reading very fast, which reduces queues and improves user experience.

Devices have no street value and are very robust. Data security is guaranteed thanks to the secure Famoco OS layer in the device, and the remote device management platform. In addition, users cannot change settings or download 3rd party apps as the Glownet applications are in kiosk mode.


The Results

 Since choosing Famoco, over 2,3 million event attendees have enjoyed a faster and more secure experience.

Thanks to the Famoco solution, Glownet have completely removed the manual installation of their software from the equation and are able to set up an event requiring up to 500 devices in just 1 hour without the use of heavy equipment or infrastructure!

The compact size of the FX100+ means Glownet can ship the devices around the world at a reasonable cost. Devices have a large NFC antenna which allows them to read the wristbands faster, thus reducing queues.

The solution is affordable, robust and easy to use, which is especially important when working in outdoor environments with high volumes of attendees and unpredictable weather conditions. Glownet have recently reached the 500 events milestone.



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