According to a study by Forrester, 80% of costs and inefficiencies in transactions come from analog processes. Consequently, 93% of IT leaders acknowledge that digitalizing transactions is important to the success of their business. It helps companies gain productivity and efficiency benefits, resulting in a strong competitive edge.

A wide range of sectors including healthcare, utilities, security, property maintenance and cleaning are facing challenges when implementing digital transformation throughout their field operations. Workers operate remotely and often individually to service client’s needs. That means efficient communication and streamlined processes are crucial.

Famoco offers professional Android-based devices with an integrated MDM (Mobile Device Management) agent to ensure rapid and easily managed deployment in the field.

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Providing your business app with a tailor-made platform

Android Mobile Devices

Business-ready Android mobile devices to meet Enterprise security needs and flexibility for applications developments.

Famoco Android OS

Custom Android OS made for business for enhanced data protection. It secures devices and connects it to the Mobile Device Management.

Mobile Device Management

Remotely manage your devices, access to a private app store, lock your devices in kiosk mode, distribute your apps & more.

Professional Services

Custom project support and development for complex deployments

Maintenance & operations


Home Care Services

Facilities Management

The Famoco solution becomes an integral part of the field service worker’s toolkit

Using the Famoco solution, companies can track workers, send information and receive feedback in real time to optimize resources and meet client needs. Trackable tags ensure accurate data collection for regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. Administrative work is also streamlined and the margin for error is minimized. At the same time, the billing cycle is reduced. Complete control over devices means they are fully dedicated to business activities and this, as well as the fact they have no street value, limits theft.

Users are now digital workers helping to optimize competitivity and customer expectations are exceeded in the process.

Famoco facilitates and secures field service deployments. It is an affordable solution for efficient communication and streamlined processes. See our product page.


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