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Famoco Mobile Device Management is a cloud-based platform that gives you the ability to securely, remotely and seamlessly control your applications and devices from one single portal.

All Famoco devices are based on a custom B2B OS based on Android” and connect each device to the Mobile Device Management. The platform is designed to achieve successful mobility deployments in the field by controlling your range of device remotely.

As a business, you’ll only have to run your business applications our custom OS (based on Android) and instantly deploy your mobile solution. The Famoco Mobile Device Management is a secure platform, designed to set policies to your devices, push your business applications, set your device to kiosk mode for dedicated business operations.

Plus, our B2B custom OS has been developed to provide a seamless and secure experience for businesses mobile solution. We decided to provide an OS without Google services to avoid the spread of metadata and to leave you the only owner of your data.

logo Famoco Android OS blue for the mdm

Famoco Android OS

logo mdm Famoco Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

All Famoco devices include the Famoco Android OS with an integrated MDM agent. An all in one solution, for faster and easier deployments.

Intuitive & fast device management


One single platform

Easily manage your range of devices on the field from one endpoint management tool.

Zero-touch enrollment

Every Famoco device has a built-in mobile device management agent enabling instant set up.

Lockdown in kiosk mode

Lockdown your devices in kiosk-mode and only allow the end user to access a single or multi-apps. Prevent access to Android menu or settings.

Cost-efficient Saas platform

Full control over devices status

Set policies to your profiles of devices to manage easily devices’ parameters.

Affordable cost of ownership

An all-in-one offering, with adaptable plans depending on your need for an optimized TCO. 

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The Famoco Mobile Device Managment

The Famoco Management Suite, gives you the ability to securely, remotely and seamlessly control your applications and devices from a single centralized “Over-The-Air” device management service.

A built-in agent in the Android OS allows you to enforce policies and have complete control of your distributed devices across the enterprise.  Change remotely any setting on your devices, and your end-users will get updates silently and with no intervention on their part.

Upload your business apps on your private app-store and deploy them in the field – instantly.

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Famoco Mobile Device Management User Interface

Secure app distribution management

Private app store

Add and remove your apps in a private apps store, secure from any third party actors.

Easy Apps Distribution

Assign apps to profiles and deploy them seamlessly to your selected range of devices. Easily update your apps on every device.

Auto-launch App

Attribute one single app with an auto-launch on a device allowing a better experience for the end-user to achieve its work tasks.

Highly secure environment for business

Famoco OS

A cutting-edge BtoB operating system based on Android 6.0, which is designed for business to work in a secure environment and accomplish any tasks.

Keep data safe

No risk of data leakage with our OS. The USB port is used only for charging. It is impossible to access the file system or install an app locally as the device is fully locked.




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