Famoco Mobile Device Management

Famoco MDM ensures IT admins to control, secure and monitor a wide range of Famoco devices. IT admins can configure device profiles, push apps, track their location and add custom branding from a single platform.

No enrollment needed


When you receive your Famoco devices, you only have to connect to a Wi-Fi or pre-connect a SIM card, then tap on sync to get your device ready. Your teams are ready to work quickly, and the deployment is simple and easy for any size of business.

Famoco MDM, a MDM with no enrollment needed.

Manage all your apps from you private app library in Famoco MDM

Manage your Private App Library


Upload, delete and manage your applications in your private app library. It’s the only way to deploy applications on your devices.

Manage your fleets effortlessly


Configure your devices’ profiles over-the-air. Choose a panel of settings to achieve your objectives effortlessly: select the app(s), set the Wi-Fi, toggle the NFC, Bluetooth, Roaming, and APN.

Create a profile and configure any settings of your devices remotely

Add your custom branding


Customize your device to your brand by adding your logo to the boot animation. Every time your devices will load, your branding will appear.

Protect your device in the field


Make sure your device is protected by toggling on kiosk mode. No more access to settings and no way to install new apps. You can also auto-launch a single app when the device is starting.

And much more…


Famoco MDM - Maps

Location tracking

Famoco MDM - Dashboard

Monitoring dashboard

Famoco MDM - Audit Logs

History logs

Famoco MDM - API

API integration


Famoco MDM - Action tokens

Action tokens

Famoco MDM - App whitelist

App whitelist

Famoco MDM -2FA

Two-Factor authentication

Famoco MDM - Multi-organization



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