Accept QR code payments instantly with Multipay

The ideal solution for merchants to accept QR code payments in stores, restaurants and hotels.

One device to scan multiple QR code wallets, one platform to monitor the merchant sales and one platform to configure remotely fleet of devices in the field.

Accept Alipay, Wechat Pay, Lydia, Lyf Pay & Restoflash right away.

Simple steps for merchants


Multipay step 1, select the amount to accept qr code payment

Select Amount

without selecting wallets

Scan QR code to accept payments. Scan, refund and cancel with ease.

Scan QR code

scan, refund and cancel with ease

One platform to monitor all your QR code transactions as a merchant

Monitor sales

Analyze, monitor and optimize sales

One device for all your services

Only add the essential business app on a secure mobile device, dedicated to business.


Merchants can use a Famoco mobile device to deliver all their services and achieve business tasks. It’s better than a smartphone as Famoco mobile devices are business-oriented, based on Android, and only run essential apps for the merchant.

 Besides taking QR code payments with Multipay, merchants can add other Android apps to the mobile device such as payments apps, order management, invoices & receipts inventory management, click & collect and loyalty program.


Famoco devices can host dedicated apps such as Multipay to accept QR code payments. But it can also host all the other merchant apps.


Custom pricing based on your needs, no hidden fees.

No processing rate fee, no balance transfer fee, no maintenance fee


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Analyze with ease merchant business

One platform to monitor transactions, localize merchants and add new merchants


One platform to follow transactions, localize merchants and add new merchants



Quick look at the transaction’s trends and status


Export orders

Export with ease all the transactions


Localize merchants

Look at merchant’s position on a map


Add new merchants

Enroll new merchants in few clicks


Merchants reap all the benefits

A simple integration to accept more payments




Instant integration to accept more payments.


Domestic & international QR code acceptance.


The bank of the merchant gets the reports.

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