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Famoco FX920: Android Multi-ticketing Validator for the Transportation Industry

Product Page: https://bit.ly/2QhJ4mM The FX920 is a brand new Android-based device disrupting the transportation market. This smart validator is fully certified for public transport (Calypso compliant) which makes it fire, vibration, water & dust resistant as well as tamper proof. It integrates an optical scan engine to validate any mobile and printed barcode tickets quickly and efficiently. Equipped with a Paragon ID NFC module (formerly ASK) it facilitates transport fare payments with Calypso (B’) or MIFARE DESFire contactless cards. The FX920 is remotely managed and includes a capacitive touch panel for easy maintenance and passenger interaction. It is fully connected with 2G/3G, WiFi, BLE Bluetooth, and GPS. In addition, this adaptive Android validator integrates 2 USB OTG for additional modularity to meet evolving requirements. For more information, visit the FX920 page: https://www.famoco.com/android-device... Visit Famoco: https://www.famoco.com/ Read the Public Transport & Ticket Validator Report: https://www.famoco.com/industries/urb... #SmartTicketing #UrbanMobility #PublicTransport

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