Coupon distribution using paper vouchers faces challenges that include fraud and theft. Specifically, vouchers can be lost or damaged and fraud is common because vouchers are relatively easy to duplicate and circulate. This ultimately leads to stock disparities, beneficiary inequalities and tracking mistakes.

Using a device connected to an NFC card allows better traceability and reduces these risks. Additionally, having a bigger acceptance network ensures a higher card adoption rate. We’ve been working with NGOs to apply this principle to the food distribution and humanitarian aid sectors.

We want to have a positive impact on development goals. Read the engagement letter we sent to the UN Secretary-General on joining the Global Compact Program (in French).

A couponing expertise directed at solving NGOs challenges

Revolutionizing how we track the impact of food assistance

This use case was selected in the Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs category for the Mobile World Congress 2018 Awards.

Working towards the UN Sustainable Goals (2030)

Read our case study


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