Bamba’s loyalty program in Kenya


Bamba Group is a Kenyan company created in 2012 with 3 verticals:

The first vertical is Bamba Business – They build and sell performance management software for enterprises, monitoring and evaluation software for NGOs, sales software, SMS/USSD solutions, and resell a plethora of software including hospitality, HR, ERP & CRM solutions.

​The second one is Bamba Loyalty program – They build and sell different loyalty solutions to retailers and also run their own loyalty program called Bamba Rewards where we leverage the Famoco devices.

The third vertical is Bamba Charity – They use their software framework and resources to give back to the community through their conditional cash program in partnership with donor funding and implementing partners.


The main challenge was to create a loyalty program between retailers and customers where the incentive is real-time. Bamba Rewards Loyalty is a win-win program that enables the customer to get back real cash on their mobile-money account and increases retailer sales volumes.


The registration to the loyalty program is free for the customer by sending an SMS stating register or providing their mobile number on our website.  We also give our NFC loyalty card to VIP customers. Bamba group decided to use the Famoco device for implement their loyalty program. The customer simply​ provides his or her mobile number or tags his NFC loyalty ​card on the Famoco device at the casher and the 5% cash back goes into his m-Pesa account.

One of the main advantages of the Famoco device in this case is its flexibility. Furthermore, they may use remotely the Famoco Management Suite in order to push new applications, functionality or news in a few seconds. A flexibility and efficiency that is not possible on a limited SDK highly secure dedicated devices.


At the end of 2014, 2500 peoples had subscribed to the loyalty program.  Bamba is now scaling out of the pilot phase and has already partnered with institutions to bring on thousands more subscribers and 100s of retailers. A figure that increases day after day.


Discovering the Famoco device made the deployment of our Bamba Rewards loyalty application very easy.  Every retailer in our network can now have a secure device that monitors loyalty transactions but without the headache of hardware sourcing and management.  Leveraging the Famoco remote management application, Bamba can manage the devices and the applications on them.  Bamba’s other business units are now exploring the use of the device in other sectors for different use-cases.” Al Ismaili, co-founder & CEO of Bamba Group.

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