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Control fleet of devices remotely

Zero Touch Deployment


1. Receive devices ready for work

2. Upload your business App on the MDM

3. Configure & assign to a profile

4. Deploy at large scale

Managed secure Android OS


Based on Famoco OS – a business dedicated Android OS – we make sure your device is safe from malicious acts and you control your data. This level of privacy offers you an environment where you can focus on your operations, not on your data protection.


Performant optical biometric sensor with high accuracy


The FP201 is equipped with a performant optical biometric sensor to execute fast authentication processing — the matching speed of the fingerprint sensor in less than a second. The IDEMIA fingerprint sensor is certified PIV IQS by the FBI. It features fake finger detection to avoid frauds during identification and increase security for KYC and AML process.


Powered by

Matching Speed

Less than 1 sec


PIV IQS certification

Fake Finger Detection

Avoid counterfeit fingerprints




NFC transactions made easy


This biometric mobile device reads and writes NFC transactions. The FP201 integrates an NXP chip compatible with ISO14443 A/B/C, enabling secure digital transactions for applications in cashless payment, loyalty program, transit ticketing, access control, passport reading… 

Long-lasting, Removable, Replaceable


The 4000mAh battery boosts up the biometric mobile device capabilities and provides a durable experience for the user to accomplish their business tasks. Removable and replaceable, this large capacity battery guarantees to keep your operations going without interruption.


Shoot with ease for identification


The FP201 features a 5M pixel rear camera and 2M pixel front camera to capture pictures during operations in the field. The rear camera is an additional feature to complete authentication and identification process.


Rear Camera

5M pixel

Front Camera

2M pixel

Top level security


The FP201 integrates one secure access module slot (SAM) to insert a secure element (SE) chip. It enhances the security and cryptography performance of the device, enabling you to perform secure transactions such as payment. Two slots are available for SIM card and one slot for an SD card to increase the storage capacity of your device

Technical Specifications

Secure Android OS

Famoco OS based on Android (AOSP)

Biometric sensor

IDEMIA optical sensor


ISO14443 A/B, Felica®, Mifare®

5MP camera

5MP rear camera with autofocus & flash, 2MP front camera

Long lasting battery

4000mAh battery

removable & replaceable battery




Singleband (2.4 GHz)

3G icon


2G & 3G


Bluetooth 4.0, BLE

Dual SIM

2 SIM slots

SAM slot

1 slot (2FF) for secure element


Download the product sheet for more information.

Download the product sheet

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