Mobile payment, branchless banking, e-wallets, cashless, digital loyalty – all these technologies usually focus on the transaction itself. That deeply impacts the customer journey. But, how do you ensure a transaction is safely and easily made, while delivering a satisfactory customer experience, even in remote places? Companies need to develop an acceptance network using devices that are flexible, easy to deploy and use – but above all secure.


According to a study by Forrester, 80% of costs and inefficiencies in transactions come from analog processes. In consequence, 93% of IT leaders acknowledge that digitalizing transactions is important to the success of the business: it allows companies to gain productivity and efficiency, bringing a strong competitive differentiation factor.

A wide range of sectors are facing real challenges when implementing digital transformation through their field organization: workers operate remotely and often individually to service client needs which means efficient communication and streamlined processes are crucial.

In Europe, GDPR is a a game-changer, and puts data protection in the spotlight.


A United Nations report on World Urbanization stated in 2014 that the world’s urban population will grow by 2.5 billion people by 2050, with nearly 90% of the increase concentrated in Asia and Africa. Mobility is the main challenge for metropoles in ever-growing urban centers. Delivering the right services helps to increase the quality of life and make living in such locations more attractive. As distances grow, the need for an effective and seamless mobile network is crucial.


Identification and onboarding is traditionally based on paper processes that aren’t secure enough and can lead to identity fraud through data counterfeiting or disclosure.

In the US in 2016, the cost of identity theft for banks and corporations reached the incredible amount of US$56billion. And the estimated amount of money laundered globally in one year is between $800 billion and $2 trillion. There is a need for KYC systems that automatically validate an ID’s authenticity and prevents its disclosure. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Banks are leading the way in digitizing these processes and they need integrated compliance solutions.


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