NFC transport ticketing solution with Dialog


Famoco, Dialog and Orik have developed a strategic partnership to provide a breakthrough NFC solution for the transportation sector in Sri Lanka. The NFC ticketing solution is made up of a NFC travel Card called Touch Travel Pass, a Electronic Ticketing Terminal (ETT) in the bus and the first secure and versatile Android-based NFC reader, the Famoco FX100 for Top Up.

Dialog and Orik are two major players of the innovation and NFC markets. Dialog is Sri Lanka’s largest mobile telecommunication service provider and the 5th largest listed company on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Orik is a local IT integrator that provides disruptive technologies and services designed to accelerate the adoption of Contactless Payments and Security Solutions based on Near Field Communications (NFC).


In 2010, Mahinda Rajapakse, the former President of Sri Lanka, announced his vision for the medium-term prosperity of the country as “Mahinda Chinthanaya”. These objectives included the modernization of the transport infrastructures. As a part of modernizing the transport infrastructure, Dialog was keen in implementing a Automated Fare Collection Solution (AFCS) with following requirements:

  • Easy to deploy and scalable, requiring a minimum setup and configuration as well as meet the increasing demand for transport in Sri Lanka.
  • Flexible enough to promote intermodal transport as well as non-motorized transport modes where appropriate.
  • Secure solution that could not be tampered with

One of the key drivers for implementation solution was to stop the pilferage of money via the bus crew.

While there was appetite for a AFCS among the comers and bus owners, one of the biggest challenges was to setup the To Up network for adding value to the Touch Travel Pass.


The Famoco NFC ticketing solution was chosen for its security and flexibility that could be used for multiple needs identified by Dialog. The FX100 is the first professional and dedicated NFC device based on an Android OS and managed remotely through the built-in device management suite. Famoco offers a turnkey solution for large scale deployments: devices are affordable, delivered ready-to-go and require no further configuration.

  • Bus service / Top Up

The commuters have to top up (add value) to the Touch Travel Pass and it can be done at Dialog Touch merchants or inside the bus. The top up merchants and the bus crew are equipped with the Famoco devices for adding value to the Touch Travel Pass. Once the travel pass has been topped up, commuters can use it in the buses by taping the travel pass on the Electronic Ticketing Terminal in the bus which deducts the fare.

  • Micro Payments

Merchants along bus routes are equipped with Famoco FX100 devices with which they are able to process operations such as top ups and balance checks. Commuters can also make small purchases (papers, matchboxes, sweets, etc) in local shops with their Touch Travel Pass. Merchants enter the exact amount of money on the Famoco FX100+ and clients tap the travel pass on the Famoco device to process the transaction!

  • Airtime top up

Dialog airtime to up outlets are equipped with a Famoco FX100 device that has been loaded with a mobile airtime top up application. Customers can easily purchase airtime credit:

1. Merchants initiate the transaction
2. Customers provide their mobile number and the amount to be topped up
3. Customers hand over the cash to merchant
4. Customers will receive a confirmation SMS


The Famoco/Dialog NFC ticketing solution is a huge success in Sri Lanka. 1,500 Famoco FX100 devices have been deployed to meet the needs. All key players benefit from the project:

  • Dialog: The solution pushed dialog into the payment space further as they already had the eZ Cash account.
  • The bus owners: the digital transformation has improved the till management resulting in less errors, frauds and increased revenue.
  • Bus crew: can manage the till more easily; they don’t have to handle cash and they process transactions faster.
  • Merchants: the solution facilitated an additional mode of payment that allowed the merchants to benefit.
  • Customers: the solution has considerably improved the way of commute. They don’t have to carry change and less conflicts with the bus crew. It’s also a cool factor to use a card for payments.

Over the next year, Famoco and Dialog plan to expand the NFC ticketing solution wide which will more than double the number of Famoco devices deployed in the field.

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