A secure solution that has improved patient’s pacemaker monitoring


One of the largest manufacturer of cardiovascular devices

Microport Cardiac Rhythm Management, also known as MicroPort® CRM, is the French subsidiary of the renowned company Microport Inc, specializing in the innovation, manufacturing, and marketing of high-end medical devices worldwide. The company is present in many health sectors such as cardiovascular, neurovascular, surgical management, and many others.

Today, MicroPort® CRM has established itself as one of the market leaders in cardiovascular devices such as pacemakers, high-voltage defibrillators, and cardiac resynchronization therapy devices. The company’s success is reflected in: products that are now used on average once every 15 seconds in thousands of major hospitals around the world, 3 000 patients issued, and its international presence.


Accumulating challenges and the need to find a solution

Microport Cardiac Rhythm Management has developed a solution for monitoring the state of a patient’s heart, the cardiac implant (pacemaker), and the heart rhythm. This solution is based on Bluetooth and is connected to a monitoring device. This monitoring device must always be connected to the pacemaker, which is why it is located on each patient’s bedside table. The data is then sent to cardiologists and hospitals in order to reduce a patient’s on-site appointments as much as possible.

The former monitoring device was a limitation for the patient as it was not a mobile device, putting at risk the stability of the Bluetooth connection between the device and the pacemaker whenever the patient moved too far. The Bluetooth connection was not optimized with the pacemaker which could drain too quickly the battery consumption of the pacemaker, making the lifecycle of the medical device too short. This solution had no display interface, so the patient couldn’t interact with it and couldn’t see any useful information.

The healthcare company was looking for a mobile solution, so that the patient could move around while maintaining a Bluetooth connection with the pacemaker, and keeping the battery consumption to a minimum. As the data collected is personal and sensitive, MicroPort® CRM requires a solution with maximum security in data processing and avoid any possible leaks.


A future-proof mobile device adapted to healthcare requirements

MicroPort® CRM has therefore chosen the brand new device released by Famoco last year, the FX105 mobile device. This device was an obvious choice for MicroPort® CRM since it met all their needs due to the following unique features:

  • It is pocket-sized and light, unlike the former monitoring device. This allows patients to move around with complete peace of mind without losing the Bluetooth connection with the pacemaker. In addition, patients can interact with the mobile device thanks to its touch screen.
  • The FX105 runs on the Famoco OS, an Android operating system that protects data and doesn’t share any data or meta-data with 3rd party servers hence ensuring the patient’s data sovereignty.
  • This device has the latest Bluetooth technology to interact with the pacemaker while reducing its battery consumption.
  • The FX105 is equipped with a docking station allowing the user to charge it easily. This accessory is an ergonomic enhancement for the patient compared to the previous solution.
  • Device control has become easy to MicroPort® CRM, thanks to the Famoco Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform.

The Famoco offer doesn’t stop there, since the French start-up has also provided custom services for MicroPort® CRM such as individual and customized packaging as well as specific device staging services to prepare devices for their deployment.


Famoco device on nightstand


Satisfied patients and massive deployment throughout the world

This small, pocket-sized, feature-rich device, allowed MicroPort® CRM to have a quick, real-time, and continuous follow-up on the state of health of the patient and his cardiovascular device. Today, this success is reflected in the 15 000 FX105 mobile devices deployed by the company into 4 main regions around the world such as North America, Japan, Europe, and Australia. This year, MicroPort® CRM plans to equip 15 000 patients and by 2023, 61 000 FX105 will be deployed in total.


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